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Education Reform 


Confused about the harmful trends in k12 education?


Get weekly updates to see what your child or teen is exposed to in the classroom. 

Hands Raised

Teacher Ramona Bessinger

July 2021, I spoke out against the harmful anti-American curriculum platforms that had entered Rhode Island Schools and k12 schools across the nation. 

It is my sincere hope to raise awareness and educate parents on what precisely is happening in their children’s schools and to offer solutions and ways to work with schools to mitigate any harm that may come to any child affected by these changes.



Every student deserves an inclusive respectful classroom experience.

Get Involved

Get involved and help restore education to a political neutral zone for all children.

Stack of Books

Take Part

Through parental awareness and grassroots efforts, we can shine a disinfectant light on the harmful k12 curricula plaguing our schools today.

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